That's me: Dragos Bardac and I will say without doubt that my life is about design, film and photography. Travelling and living the dream, I'm constantly looking for something that makes me wonder and think. Visual details always catch my attention and stirrer my imagination. I’m visually multi-disciplinary, interested in the essence of things and people, in what makes us tick, create and fix things and solve problems.

It all began as a curiosity, my joy and fascination for all that surrounds us and the thrill of taking pictures. From a very young age, drawing was the first form of letting my ideas depart from mind and on to anything that I could get my hands on, from paper, tables and even napkins in situations of emergency. Over the years my interest for sketches turned in to a mad curiosity for everything that was visually fascinating. I started tinkering with graphic design and worked my way up. I began paying attention more to composition, shape, fonts and colors in anything that caught my attention. This process also drew me closer to a new medium - photography. Telling a story inside a frame was an amazing experience. With photography I feel the sense of being in dialog with the world and I enjoy that very deeply. I love witnessing the whole world emerge in front of you. The point when one frame turned in to many was the moment I was hooked on film - probably one of the most amazing ways of telling a story.

Cuba, India, Japan are waiting to be explored by me, but until these amazing adventures, when ever I travel I like to meet interesting people and explore new places, get lost and wonder around, while taking photographs of anything or anyone that tickles my curiosity. I enjoy sunny days riding on two wheels and on snowy days you’ll find me on a snowboard. I would go berserk without photography, film, music, design and my friends.

My passion for art is deeply instilled in everything I do. That's why I believe that design should be a mix of creativity, functionality and simplicity to deliver clean, coherent and aesthetically pleasing designs. It should get out the way and give people that inner force that lies in everyone to spring into brilliant ideas. People are driven to create in order to understand something about themselves, the world, or their experiences and perception. We are constantly learning and discovering new things as we go through life so I made it my life's goal to be as creative as possible in everything that I do.

Now you know me and when I'm not behind the lens or screen you can find me laughing with my friends or driving in my car to my next adventure and inspiration.