In the last couple of years my work has been taking me to a lot of places and these photographs are a very personal view of the way I see the world around me. They represent moments that are real, colorful, happy, dark, playful, sad, vibrant, moody, diverse and vivid - all facets of life. Photographer Chase Jarvis said "The best camera is the one that's with you" and these images have been captured and refined with my mobile phone. I think it is a serious artistic endeavor as it is my finest effort in trying to catch all the beautiful pieces off guard and immortalize them in my photos.

I see this kind of photography the same as a point of returning to the polaroid, when it was used by everybody. Witnessing how a second of life which has just passed, gets captured in a single photo, makes me, as a photographer, feel that you have just won over time, which goes by so pitilessly. In a few seconds you get to the end result just like the polaroid would appear once it dried up. The intimate dimension of a photograph that you bear in your hands and in the your mind forever.

One may think that photographing is about merely taking photos on a more professional level. I believe that photographing is about making every second of life, which has passed by, everlasting, by allowing to be re-lived with every viewer who identifies himself with it. A fraction of a second, a blink of the eye and everything was in place to be remembered by.