9 Grade la Paris

9 Degrees at Paris (2010).
I was asked to be a still photographer for the film part of a theater show called 9 Grade la Paris (9 Degrees at Paris). These shots were taken during the four nights when the cinematic part of the play was shot.

Project Information:
9 Grade la Paris (9 Degrees at Paris) is a mix show between film and theater after a real story. The story is told at the same time, from two different perspectives: the theater side and the film side of the show.

To understand this woman’s point of view in the moment of her departure, the show combines two different ways of expression: cinematic and theatrical. The cinematic one shows the way the woman was seeing herself from outside. The theatrical one shows her inner world and thoughts.

The show creates a woman’s portrait in a crucial moment of her life: leaving her family. It is a story of her last 56 minutes in her house, alone, before she leaves. She doesn’t have any remorse, nor guilt. Her only worry is to leave everything perfect, but as she prepares for her “perfect” departure, things start to get complicated and slowly everything gets out of control.

Actress: Alina Berzunteanu
Written and Directed by Peter Kerek
Scenography: Cristi Niculescu
Make-up and Costumes: Teodora Mardare
Director of Photography: Florin Costache
Editing: Alex Borundel
Sound: Mihai Bogos

56 de minute